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A heavy castor-based beaver lure. It's great for all times of the year, but works best during the late full thru spring.
Dobbins' Backbreaker
Dobbins' Beaver Plus
This is a curiosity-type beaver lure. It works all year and it brings in otter and raccoon too.
Beaver Plus
Order #NWSPD002-1
$4.50 - One Ounce
Order #NWSPD002-4
$15.00 - Four Ounces
Order #NWSPD003-1
$4.50 - One Ounce
Order #NWSPD003-4
$15.00 - Four Ounces
Dobbins' Woodchipper
This is a food-type beaver lure. It is a favorite for the summer ADC jobs when the beaver are extremely finnicky. Also a great all-season lure used at food-type sets.
Order #NWSPD001-1
$4.50 - One Ounce
Order #NWSPD001-4
$15.00 - Four Ounces