Open Trap
Beaver Trap
This trap has a 7˝-inch jaw outside spread (7-1/4-inch inside spread) with the strongest music wire springs ever used. Our trap is the fastest large jaw coilspring available on the market today. It is the only beaver trap equipped with a Paws-I-Trip pan system direct from the manufacturer. All traps have a full length base plate and D-ring for bottom swiveling. The unique Notch-In wire lever lets the loose jaw lay flat every time. Each trap comes with a 6-inch heavy duty #3 machine chain and two heavy duty swivels. A setter is needed for this trap.
C.D.R. 7.5 Beaver Trap
Free Trap Setter With Every 1 Dozen Purchase
C.D.R. Wolf & Mountain Lion Trap -

We've taken the C.D.R. 7.5 Beaver Trap, modified and offset the jaws, lengthened the chain and added extra heavy duty swivels. The jaws are offset 3/8" and laminated 3/16"x1/2". Each trap comes with a 24" heavy duty #3 machine chain and 3 MB crunch-proof swivels with rivets welded shut. The dog is built stronger to keep wolves from crushing it. A setter is needed for this trap.
Wolf Trap
Open Trap
Our unique baseplate design is the toughest money can buy.
C.D.R. Trap Setters slide on easily for fast setting of these powerful traps.
These setters are made heavy duty to last a lifetime. Setters slide easily onto trap lever enabling anyone to set these traps with a minimum of effort. Sheath is made from high quality, durable leather.
C.D.R. Trap Setters
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Traps and Equipment
Order #RJ1
$32.95 - Each
Order #RJ2
$197.70 - Half Dozen
Order #RJ3
$375.00 - Dozen
C.D.R. 7.5 with Regular Jaw
C.D.R. 7.5 with 3/16" Outside Lamination - Available Mid 2012:
Order #OL1
$XX.00 - Each
Order #OL2
$XXX.00 - Half Dozen
Order #OL3
$XXX.00 - Dozen
Free Trap Setter With Every 1 Dozen Purchase
C.D.R. Wolf Offset & Laminated
Order #WO1
$XX.00 - Each
Order #WO2
$XXX.00 - Half Dozen
Order #WO3
$XXX.00 - Dozen
Order #SET
$9.95 - Setter
Order #SHE
$X.XX - Sheath

Terminator 220 & 330 Body Gripper Triggers

If your 220 or 330 Body Grip Triggers don't last more than a few years, you should consider trying the Terminator triggers.  The trigger is a bolt-on assembly that is Tension Adjustable.  The trigger wires are stainless steel and are impervious to acidic and salt water.  The trigger wires are factory
dipped for camouflage purposes.  The wires are longer (8-1/2") than other 330 replacement trigger wires.  The Terminator trigger can be bent and re-straightened more often than any other trigger without breaking.  They are made to last and made with the same quality as our traps. They will also fit most 280 bodygrips.

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The Terminator triggers are electro-plated Black for camouflage!
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